Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Project Coordinator

SU is the first Bulgarian university. Its history is an embodiment and a continuation of centuries of cultural and educational tradition. SU is the biggest and the most prestigious scientific research center in Bulgaria offering 103 courses in humanities and natural sciencies.
The Faculty of Biology was founded as an independent structure in the summer of 1963 and trains in two major subjects: Biology and biochemistry and Microbiology. The students are educated in 8 Bachelor Programmes, 29 Master degrees, PhDs. The main educational goal of the Biology Department is to provide an education to highly qualified experts in the biological sciences, biotechnology, ecology and a training to highly qualified trainers in biology in English.
SU has an extensive experience in mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services through the Faculty of Biology and the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection. The possibilities for using the university research capacity and for inclusion of students in the project activities will contribute to the sustainability of project results. The University will participate in the following activities: project management and administration; collection, analysis and processing of the data and obtaining of additional one, generating a database, filling out the available information; planning the fieldworks; training of field experts; fieldworks; cameral data processing and analysis.


It offers consulting expertise in the broader environment sector of climatology, air, land, water resources, water & wastewater, marine, ecosystems services & nature, social, legal & regulatory, enviromatics & GIS and capacity building. ABERON monitors the development of urbanization and its impact on natural ecosystems and those managed by people. ABERON offers analysis of the national and European politics, related to the environmental protection and climate change adaptation, following the directives and conducting of actions at national level for their implementation.
The project activities where ABERON will participate are: project management and administration; providing publicity and organizing conferences, capacity building, validation of the information and assessment of the ecosystem services for “Heathland and Schrubs” ecosystems.


Cartgeo is engaged in design, development, implementation of digital products oriented towards the use for creating cartographic materials, software development, geodesic, cartographic, publishing, consulting services and more. The company has extensive editing experience with regular topographic maps of the whole large-scale row, large-scale topographic maps, numerous thematic maps on demand of various institutions – geological, maritime, road, physical, political, historical, tourist, etc. The accumulated experience of the employees, over 20 years, ensures optimal solutions in the design, development, construction, implementation and maintenance of ICT, GIS, GPS and communication technologies, software development; geodesic, cartographic publishing activities; cadastre.
The project activities where CG will participate are: project management, collection, analysis and processing of the data and obtaining of additional one, generating of database, filling out the available information, filling out the data of the fieldworks, development of digital models and database.