Heathland and schrubs ecosystem

The Heathland and schrubs ecosystems include diverse assortment of vegetation types that are represented by shrubs or dwarf shrubs which origin may be natural, anthropogenic, or combined. Most heathland and schrubs ecosystems are formed in areas where the environmental conditions, such as climate and soil types significantly obstructs the development of trees, even in regions where their origin may be the result of human activity. These ecosystems are characterized by high plant diversity.

In Bulgaria heathland and schrubs ecosystems are distributed from lowlands to the alpine belt, and in some places they can enter agricultural lands.

The purpose of the mapping and assessment of heathland and schrubs ecosystems and there services is to establish trends in their development. The obtained results will become the basis of better management practices.  The projects activities are carried out in accordance to the MOEW’s methodology for ecosystem services assessment and it covers the following subtypes:

  • Arctic, alpine and subalpine scrub
  • Temperate and Mediterranean-montane scrub
  • Riverine and fen scrubs